All deliveries are shipped via registered mail with tracking number.


Delivery Times

The delivery times that we indicate are based on the date when your order is confirmed and are presented on business days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count towards delivery). In cases of force majeure duly enshrined in the Portuguese law, TIMESTEEL cannot be held responsible for the delay in your delivery.


5 business days


7 business days (15 business days max)

Rest of the World

10 business days (25 business days max)


Delivery Costs


0g 500g €3.99
500g 2000g €5.99


0g 250g €5.99
250g 500g €6.99
500g 1000g €9.99
1000g 2000g €15.99

Rest of the World

0g 250g €5.99
250g 500g €9.99
500g 1000g €16.99
1000g 2000g €25.99


Delivery Location

You can receive your order in a place other than your home. In your account, you can add or edit the delivery or billing address. This makes it easy for your order to be delivered to your place of work, to your home, to a family member’s or a friend’s house.


Order Tracking

As soon as your order is shipped, TIMESTEEL notifies by email and the tracking number becomes available in your order’s details.